Tax-Related Criminal Charges are Common and Always Serious

Some types of white-collar crimes cost society and the nation billions of dollars every year. Of the various ways by which certain individuals commit financial crimes, those involving taxes are among the most common and damaging of all.

As a result, prosecutors take a dim view of such illicit behaviors and do everything possible to make sure that actual criminals will be held to account. This zealous take on enforcement can also mean that entirely innocent people will end up facing criminal charges related to their taxes. Whenever that happens, consulting with a Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney for Tax Fraud will always be prudent.

Many Ways to Become Suspected of Tax-Related Crimes

Taxes can be complicated, and so can abiding by all the laws and regulations that govern them. It will normally be advisable to call Hope Lefeber or another criminal defense lawyer who handles tax matters when under suspicion of:

Failing to file taxes. Every person who makes at least a set, minimum amount of income each year is required, by law, to file taxes. Taxes must also be filed on behalf of businesses in just about every case where any income was generated. While occasionally failing to file annual taxes will not necessarily create problems, a persistent pattern of such behavior can provoke criminal charges.

Filing false returns. Tax returns are also required by law, to accurately and faithfully represent all the relevant financial details. Taxpayers who falsify their returns can become subject to criminal charges of fraud, perjury, and other illegal acts. Even in cases where honest mistakes have been made, prosecutors can be almost relentless in their efforts to secure convictions for those they have accused of filing false tax returns.

Structuring. Certain types of financial activities come under heavier scrutiny, by law, when they exceed particular thresholds. Cash deposits of $10,000 or more, for example, must normally be reported by banks in order to help the government keep track of what could otherwise be hidden, illicit revenue streams. Some individuals try to escape such increased attention by structuring their transactions so as to avoid triggering these kinds of provisions. That act can be illegal in and of itself and can result in criminal charges.

Vigorous Representation is Always the Best Response

As a look at the resources at will make clear, there are quite a few other types of tax-related criminal charges that can be leveled against individual taxpayers and business owners. Securing effective legal representation will always be the wisest move when such situations arise.